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Electric Ab Stimulators- Are They Effective?
Arnel Ricafranca
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Electric Ab Stimulators- Are They Effective?

Everyone is looking for an easy way out when it comes to losing weight and or getting in shape. Infomercials are the perfect place to find fast and simple ways to get your body fit. I'm sure you have seen them. They look so appealing to people because people love that they can have the solution to something that is so hard to find without doing any work.

One of the "amazing" fat loss TV ads that I see quite frequently is what is called the "Electric Ab Stimulator ". Everybody has seen these devices on television at some point. You may have even purchased one of these items. It is a device that looks like a big belt that is worn around the waist. The infomercial claims that the belt will give you amazing abs as well as get rid of unwanted body fat all by simply stimulating the abdominal muscles with electric pulses.

A lot of people want to know if this amazing product works. I would have to say Yes and No. Electric muscle stimulators have been used effectively in hospitals for a long time. If someone has a broken bone, the stimulator is placed on the muscle to keep it active so the blood continues to flow through it. So, in that sense, yes the electric stimulators do work.

However, you would like to know if these electric stimulators do what the infomercials say it does. Does the stimulator get your rock hard abs and help you lose fat off your mid-section? The answer to that is No. The promise of wearing a belt like this, however, is absolutely ridiculous. The claim is that wearing the belt for a few minutes is the equivalent of doing 800 situps a day. The truth is that the devices do contract your muscles, but they are not equivalent to doing even a single crunch.

These devices can be used in rehabs to prevent muscle reduction after severe injury and paralysis. Nonetheless, these stimulators have no effect on your waistline. These contraptions may seem like incredible fitness products, but, unfortunately, the truth is that the manufacturers play with your emotions in order to steal your money. Do not waste your time, or your money, on these products.

The belt alone is not enough to make you build muscle ad lose fat. Maybe if you work out before you wear it then it will be effective, but that's not what the product tells you to do.

Also, if the electric ab stimulators are not used properly, it can give you negative effects. The FDA has received reports of people having pain, being burned, or even shocked by this device. I want everyone to know that I do not believe in this product nor would I ever recommend it to anyone.

So when it comes down to it, this device does not do what the TV ads claim. A lot of those late night infomercials are false information and you shouldn't be listening to them or buying them. If you see a device or anything else that proves to drastically change the appearance of your body without you having to do anything, is false information. You cannot get what you want without physically working hard at it. Trust me, nothing comes easy.

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